It must have started in third grade.  One day I was bored and found an old Panasonic camcorder in my mom’s closet.  My curiosity left me determined to find out how to use it. I started running around my house and backyard shooting clips of anything and everything I saw.  I fell in love with that camera and I guess the rest is history. I never stopped playing with cameras.
I am a filmmaker, photographer, and storyteller from the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina.  I currently attend UNC Chapel Hill and study photo and multimedia journalism and work as Multimedia Team Leader for the 1893 Brand Studio. I am an outdoor enthusiast. I enjoy mountain biking, skiing, and hiking. I am also a religious Christian and my faith influences every aspect of my life.  I view film and photo as a way of telling the stories that I feel need to be heard.  It has became a way for me to connect to others and with every story I tell I hope the human interest is captured above all else.
Awards and Recognition
2022 Hearst Journalism Awards Narrative Video Storytelling- 1st Place
2021 College Photographer of the Year- Documentary Award of Excellence
2020 Hearst Journalism Awards Multimedia National Championship Finalist
2020 College Photographer of the Year- Documentary Award of Excellence
Hearst Journalism Awards Innovative Storytelling and Audience Engagement- 3rd Place
Oceanside International Film Festival Official Selection
Amelia Island Film Festival Official Selection
Horizon Interactive Awards Best in Category- Web
Horizon Interactive Awards Gold- Web
Horizon Interactive Awards Gold- Short Film/ Documentary
2020 Craft Editing Telly Award
2020 Silver Internal Communications Telly Award
2020 Craft Videography Telly Award
2020 Bronze Employee Communications Telly Award
2019 Craft Videography Telly Award
2016 Boone Film Festival- 1st Place
James Alan Cox Foundation Scholarship for Student Photojournalist
 Larry & Carolyn Keith Award in Sports Journalism (Multimedia)
Stembler Scholar
Carolina Covenant Scholar
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