The Riverside High School Varsity Soccer team coached by John Timmins finished their season with a 6-13-2 overall record with a conference record of 4-10.  Coach Timmins said that this season was very much about adjustment and compared to previous seasons the team was not nearly as successful as they generally are.  This year was the first year that Coach Timmins was the coach of the team.  He had experience coaching before but is always hard for players to adjust to major changes in the program like this.  “We had some guys that grew as players tremendously,” said Timmins. “Kids can develop a lot when they start playing with guys that are playing at a higher level when they move from JV to Varsity.”  Timmins said he is hopeful for the years to come and he is excited for the younger kids because of the excellent JV team that they had this year.  Although the team did not see the success that they had hoped for, many memories were still made and the team grew as athletes and people.  
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